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The mecca of organic food.

The organic food community was on display in Nuremberg this July and so was BeeHappy. BIOFACH, the World`s Leading Fair for Organic Food was yet another successful chapter of our amazing story. Meeting face to face with visionaries and remarkable professionals alike. Networking and matchmaking our way to a better future and sustainable food production.

Main protagonists of our business

Bees, those tiny hard working heroes are what make pollination of plants and healthy food production possible. They are at the core of our enterprise so protecting them is our main priority. It was due to our initiative in the European Parliament that two dangerous for bees development pesticides were banned.


In today`s global circumstances success is measured not by sales and revenue but rather by contribution towards food security and innovations, climate protection and sustainable development. These were the key points of discussion during the expo. The unique personal encounters and in-depth professional discussions helped us understand and fulfill our role in the challenges ahead. BIOFACH 2022 has been an amazing experience for BeeHappy and we look forward to BIOFACH Congress 2023.

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